Mark-Alan provides expertise and experience in the fashion world that is matched by few. He is as comfortable styling a celebrity for the Red Carpet as he is a Mom or Dad for back to school night. His expertise is in helping you create and develop your own style.


Mark-Alan has worked as a personal shopper and wardrobe stylist in nearly every part of the country, as well as with nearly every type of person. He brings people's style and comfort together in a way that's easy and fun.


Whether it's a client he's been dressing for over 15 years, or a one time red carpet opportunity, Mark-Alan takes on each job with an eye on that person's fashion future.  From wardrobe to great gifts, each job is done with style.

Identifying current style trends while always keeping the classics in mind.


Always looking, learning and working towards making the world a little better looking.


Injecting his unique view of the world into everything he does.


Providing the perfect look for whatever event you have coming up. Every event is an opportunity for a first impression.


Have an amazing wardrobe that is your own style.  Do this in the comfort of your home, or at your favorite stores with an expert by your side.



Have your dream closet.  We offer design only, or design and installation services.



Get expert help in editing down your closet to the perfect, usable wardrobe.


- Consulting

- Spokesperson

- Media Tours

- Luxury Service Design

- Clientele Training

- In-Store Selling Events

- Customer Experience Consulting

- Personal Style Development Seminars

- Selling Events

- Product Representation

- Endorsements



If you're interested in any of these services for your brand let's talk.

Met Gala 2017

Each year the New York City Metropolitan Museum of Art launches an exhibit with the most prestigious gala of the year in New York City. This year it was all about Rei Kawakudo of Comme des Garçons and her take on fashion...  read more

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